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Investigative Surveys

on June 9, 2017 No comments

One of the essential elements of effective Leadership or Management, is to act on relevant information, whether it is a specific challenge or an objective. The results obtained will directly relate to the quality of the information gained.

Real change is passionate about working with “real core issues” and eagerly take on the challenge of multidimensional and multifaceted enquiries. This allows for a wide spectrum of perspective to correlate and fit into a completed jigsaw puzzle, based on transparency, reality and clarity.

We have skills and abilities required to effect such a survey, to create the space to enable transparency and to ask relevant powerful questions in a highly confidential atmosphere. The survey is geared in such a way as to guarantee autonomy, unless permission is given to share information.

The vital factor here, is that we understand how to gain the confidence and trust required with our face to face interviews, which are not influenced by in-house factors. Too often in-house surveys fail due to the implication of office politics, biased perceptions and fear of trust transgressions.

Online or written surveys rarely enjoy the engagement they require for effectiveness, which face on interviews foster. Individual alignment and focus produces a reality geared specifically to obtain the required information and possible solutions.

  • Investigative surveys are utilized for the following situations:
  • To improve performance, work conditions, integrity and accountability
  • The initiation of a general change
  • Establish the realities surrounding a specific issue
  • Manage issues of conflict, diversity, race etc.
Investigative Surveys

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