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Executive Coaching

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How does Executive Coaching differ from other types of coaching?

It calls for a focus on effective leadership qualities, provides an objective and independent support base while dealing with leadership challenges and fast tracks personal and professional growth.

The most important aspect of this coaching process is the exploration of expanding vision and leadership abilities by questioning the status quo.

Return on Investment – Benefits

  •  Improved strategic thinking and interpersonal skills
  •  Increased levels of engagement, motivation and focus
  •  Overcoming previously limiting obstacles
  •  Self-esteem and a balance between work and life
  •  Deeper levels of integration and assimilation
  •  Centralized integrity and accountability
  •  Positive impact on organizational performance
  •  Retain innovative and stimulated staff
  •  Initiation of the coaching vs directive culture

Executive coaching contracts

We offer a free introduction session, to establish your coaching requirements. Normally, we would meet on a weekly basis for an hour.  The rates reflected below will include preparation, review and traveling costs.

Three months:  R1800 per session.

Six months:      R1500 per session.

One year:         R1200 per session.

Rates are negotiable and vary.  Discounted rates are applied to email, skype coaching and in the event of more than one individual contracting for coaching within an organisation.

Additional key stakeholder or other data interviews required can be discussed.

Executive Coaching

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