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Business Coaching

on June 21, 2017 1 comment

How does Business coaching differ from other types of coaching?

Our experience indicates that the elements of leadership and management are interactive.  You could hardly manage people without having some leadership elements at play and visa versa!  To a large extent, business coaching is utilized for the “on boarding” of a new manager, enhanced performance or to solve any specific obstacle limiting required performance.  The issues here could vary from lack of direction or support, stress, lack of confidence or simply a need to realign to the principals of effective preventative management which covers a broad spectrum of elements.

Key to the success of coaching assignment, would be the review of data collected from relevant stakeholders and their participation in the implementation of the specific action plan devised.  This serves to enhance integration and unification of direction.

We specialize in the discovery of real core issues!  Underlying issues, if not detected, can have consistent repercussions.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager wanting to excel you would certainly benefit from our coaching approach and support.

Here are some of the benefits you would enjoy:

  • Renewed focus and motivation
  • Clear substantiated direction
  • Increased levels of team engagement, motivation and production
  • Authentic all round growth and balance
  • Centralized integrity and accountability
  • Increased awareness, perspective and communication skills
  • Supportive feedback while implementing your action plan to ensure you obtain your desired objectives.
  • Coaching tools as an alternative to effectively deal with challenges
  • Preventative Management strategy
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Promotional prospects

Business coaching assignments

We offer a free introduction session, to establish your coaching requirements.  Normally, we would meet on a weekly basis for an hour. The rate reflected below will include preparation, review and travelling costs for ‘block’ sessions at one location.

Three months:   R1500 per session.

Six months:         R1200 per session.

One year:             R1000  per session.

Rates are negotiable and vary.  Discounted rates are applied to email or skype coaching.

Key stakeholder data interviews are rated separately.

Management group facilitation, which is called for to integrate teams or different divisions, can be arranged.


Business Coaching

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