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At Real-Change we believe that a sustainable outcome often relies on that which lies below the surface…

We call it, investigative, forensic coaching.

Designed specifically to add a deeper dimension to the coaching experience, to guarantee positive results!  Yes, guaranteed!

We are passionately committed to constitutional change in South Africa, relevant in our approach and the services we offer.  We have identified team and skills development as our focus.

This is your invitation to fast track to real sustainable change!

Warm regards and looking forward!

Danielia Burger

Why Coaching?

What is coaching?

A holistic process which allows for a contained non-judgemental “space” to enable discovery and client ownership of sustainable growth and realization of maximum authentic potential.

What can I expect from a coaching session?

Essentially, a coach will use powerful questions to enable you to clarify objectives and current reality, identify underlying obstacles and options and create an action plan to ensure you achieve the outcome you desire.

Effectively, it means you have a partner who acts as a sounding board, creating awareness of different perspectives, reality assessments and options.

Confidential transparency, trust, commitment and focus are key elements to a meaningful coaching relationship.

A process designed for you to discover your own authentic potential.  The result is a commitment to a tailor made direction with renewed motivation and energy levels!

Clarify goals and current reality
Identify hidden obstacles
Experience focused motivation
Gain inspired confidence

Our Difference

Forensic Change™

Our unique model and process centers around the fact that you can only experience real, sustainable change by identifying and understanding core issues, reaction and the value of alternative action.

This drives…

  • Increased level of awareness
  • Understanding the effects of cognitive influences
  • A reference framework and resulting perspectives
  • The skill set to effect positive influence and desired outcome
  • Effective implementation of strategy and systems

Our forensic approach plays a vital role in the implementation of emotional intelligence, key to the delivery of positive influence and sustainable change.


Our multi-dimensional, multi-faceted approach is essential to understanding the diversity and distraction of modern day life. It’s a cohesive approach that delivers results.

Of specific relevance to SA, we have introduced the concepts of “Midpoint Balance” and “Relevant Leadership”.

Guaranteed Outcome

It’s a unique model and process that’s designed to guarantee specific outcomes; for individuals, teams and any organisation.

We know that conversations have the power to change our world! The reality is that it requires the combination of understanding and relevant skills, to ensure positive conversational outcomes!

Naturally, it follows that REAL sustainable change demands formidable team development.

Walking Through The Mind

Relevant Midpoint Balance

What We Do

Your experience at Real Change will be a relevant, genuine and open “conversation”… a partnership of action, implementation and simultaneous skill establishment, a guaranteed return on your investment!

A focus on leadership development. Of specific importance to SA, we have introduced the concepts of “Midpoint Balance” and “Relevant Leadership”.

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A combination of coaching and consultancy to develop knowledge and skills. This includes talent development, transition, assimilation and conflict.

“Leaders need to manage; Managers need to lead”

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A specialized area of key relevance to Nation building, specific to delegation and alignment with our Constitutional values.

To initiate or build formidable teams, geared towards ownership, collaboration and cohesion, aligned to specific outcomes.

Specific and relevant to SA. The lack of skill is often the underlying cause of non-achievement, conflict and dis-unity.

The investigation of underlying factors, causes, strategy forward, implementation and review.

The initial data collection needs to be holistic in approach to indicate the way forward and guide implementation.

Our Real-Change Skills Program is specifically designed to build exceptional teams:

  • Managing Change
  • Building Teams
  • Empowering Teams
  • Essential Leadership
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

Geared to assist with Leadership, Management, Team and Skills development.

A variety of issues, affecting the Nation at large, specifically gender violence.

This includes our unique programme, Call to Manhood.


Everything we do is specifically designed to your requirements – your brief from our first conversation.

In short, an “in control” aligned direction, focus and unity of purpose, in a transparent, trustworthy cohesive drive to deliver maximum skilled potential.

  • Core Organizational Constitutional alignment – playing a part in Nation building in a real and relevant way
  • Increased awareness, perception and communication skills
  • Integration and assimilation
  • Clear and substantiated direction
  • Renewed focus and motivation
  • Centralized integrity and accountability
  • Positive ripple effect influences
  • Retain innovative and stimulated staff
  • Efficient and effective engagement

Effectively, we all share the obligation, to be the best that we can be!

Ownership ● Collaboration ● Cohesion

Fast track to real change

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